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Entry Forms

Best Junk Scarecrow

Under 18’s Junk Scarecrow

Best Vegetable Scarecrow

Under 18’s Vegetable Scarecrow

Best Handicraft Scarecrow

Under 18’s Handicraft Scarecrow

Best Drawing/Painting of Scarecrow

Under 18’s Drawing/Painting of Scarecrow

Best Scarecrow Themed Bake-off

Under 18’s Scarecrow Themed Bake-off

Straw available

Scarecrow makers, if you require a bag of straw for the finishing touches on your scarecrow the lovely people at the bottom of fall lane (by the tip ) have donated a bale! Feel free to call in and collect some of it.

Ark Animal Feeds, 4 Holmes Road, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2AU.

Norland’s Defibrillators

Norland Working Mens Club, HX6 3RF

The New Hobbit, HX6 3QL

St Luke’s Church, HX6 3RN



Norland now has three defibrillators  in place and available for emergency use.






Their positions are:

  • Norland Working Mens Club, Stormer Hill Lane, HX6 3RF
  • St Luke’s Church, Berry Moor Road, HX6 3RN
  • The New Hobbit, Hob Lane, HX6 3QL.


To use them phone the ambulance service and they will provide the access code of the defib unit closest to you.